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Set of 3 Wraps

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Meet the planet-friendly version of plastic wrap and baggies! Looking for our XL wrap?

  • Wash & reuse for 2 years
  • 100% compostable
  • Handmade in Vancouver, Canada
  • Keeps food fresher than plastic
  • Saves money vs. single-use
  • Set of 3 wraps: small, medium & large

Featuring vibrant, hand-painted designs, these high quality wraps are a MUST for every low-waste kitchen. 

6" Small: Your tiniest kitchen hero! Perfect for capping the ends of half-cut citrus, cucumbers, and other small produce, the small wrap will quickly become a favorite. 

9" Medium: The mid-size wrap extends the life of some of your more expensive items. The medium is in its prime saving your half avocados and small blocks of cheese. It's also especially useful for bundling up small snacks in your lunch box. 

12" Large: Our large size finds its fame as a makeshift baggie with a few simple folds. Wrap sandwiches, cover dinner plates, and bundle up loose bunches of broccoli and carrots in the fridge.

Hand wash your beeswax wraps in COLD water with a soft, non-abrasive cloth and gentle, alcohol-free soap. Air dry. Store flat or rolled.

No freezers, no warm food or warm containers, and no raw meat.

For further info, visit our FAQ page.

Canadian Beeswax, Cotton Fabric, Pine Tree Resin, Organic Jojoba Oil

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Customer Reviews

Based on 403 reviews
T.K. (Baltimore, Maryland)
Game changers for a lot of unexpected thing

So for me- yes- I don’t have to fiddle with Saran Wrap using these, and they are amazing quality by the way; but, the biggest difference in my workflow is the STRUCTURE. So because these can form into a shape I can do many things Saran couldn’t or would be awful in practice. Like making a quick pouch for a lemon I only wanted a wedge of or lining my Japanese lunch box which happens to be made out of wood and is HORRIBLE to clean. I’m grabbing these when I want to keep gnats out of a bowl of some dip or another while I’m finishing every other thing I’m making. I can slap it on without worrying if I’m going to slit my wrist because my attention is pulled a thousand different directions when making a spread. I have had a roll of glad for a year after buying these. Will it replace it for every scenario? Maybe not. I’m realistic but I haven’t had to buy more than one box to use occasionally instead of often and just the waste alone (not even the cost) is worth it for me. Adding on the unexpected benefits and gosh darn it I’m impressed. I usually overhype this kind of stuff and never use it (like my reusable ziploc) but guess what. I can fold the beekind wrappers faster than prying open a zero waste bag and that’s why these rock. 10 stars!

Elisa Pimiento (Austin, Texas)
So useful and pretty!!

It seals very tight so perfect for covering anything you want.

Brandy Thompson (Mount Washington, Kentucky)
These are great!

I bought these in the past and loved them. I decided I needed more. I saw the amazing sale and took advantage of it. Also, got some for my sister. We both prefer these over plastic wrap. They work exactly like she shows.

April Randall (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Seat Glass wrap

This was my first time ever purchasing beeswax wraps, and I’m sold! I use them multiple times a week! They are easily washable, and store away. It’s so nice to be able to use them over and over. I’ve been trying to slowly switch to more eco friendly products, and create less waste. I have told so many people about these wraps, and I will purchase again from this shop.

Vivian Black (San Diego, California)
Love the Beekind wraps

This is the first time I've purchased beeswax infused fabric wraps. They work better than I realized. I bought several boxes and gave some away as gifts, to the delight of my friends. Very happy with the product; will definitely buy again.