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Shampoo Bar - Rosemary & Eucalyptus
Janet Butler (Sidney, British Columbia)
Love My Rosemary & Eucalyptus Shampoo Bar

Love this shampoo bar! It is delicately scented and makes a good lather. I find my hair feels fuller in volume and looks healthier And the bonus is no more plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles. Thank-you Bee Kind!

Set of 3 Wraps
T.K. (Baltimore, Maryland)
Game changers for a lot of unexpected thing

So for me- yes- I don’t have to fiddle with Saran Wrap using these, and they are amazing quality by the way; but, the biggest difference in my workflow is the STRUCTURE. So because these can form into a shape I can do many things Saran couldn’t or would be awful in practice. Like making a quick pouch for a lemon I only wanted a wedge of or lining my Japanese lunch box which happens to be made out of wood and is HORRIBLE to clean. I’m grabbing these when I want to keep gnats out of a bowl of some dip or another while I’m finishing every other thing I’m making. I can slap it on without worrying if I’m going to slit my wrist because my attention is pulled a thousand different directions when making a spread. I have had a roll of glad for a year after buying these. Will it replace it for every scenario? Maybe not. I’m realistic but I haven’t had to buy more than one box to use occasionally instead of often and just the waste alone (not even the cost) is worth it for me. Adding on the unexpected benefits and gosh darn it I’m impressed. I usually overhype this kind of stuff and never use it (like my reusable ziploc) but guess what. I can fold the beekind wrappers faster than prying open a zero waste bag and that’s why these rock. 10 stars!

this is my second or third order from BeeKind. i tried another beeswax wrap brand and just did not like them, they crumbled and frayed. these beekind ones are so incredibly good!! they work incredibly well and hold up foreverrrrr. i've been buying them for everyone for the holidays! these jumbo wraps are the perfect holiday gift 🎁

Mystery Prints - 3 Wraps
Cheryl Jackson (Quesnel, British Columbia)

These wraps are great! I loved the different colours/patterns I received. It's exciting, to me, to get a surprise like that. The only thing I would add would be to include some of the larger wraps.
I will be buying again!

Elisa Pimiento (Austin, Texas)
So useful and pretty!!

It seals very tight so perfect for covering anything you want.

Replacement Head
Kristin (King of Prussia, Pennsylvania)
Great product

Love these brushes for cleaning dishes, they work well and last a long time. I bought a set for my second home too, everyone asks where I bought them.

Sea Glass
Brandy Thompson (Mount Washington, Kentucky)
These are great!

I bought these in the past and loved them. I decided I needed more. I saw the amazing sale and took advantage of it. Also, got some for my sister. We both prefer these over plastic wrap. They work exactly like she shows.

Sea Glass
April Randall (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Seat Glass wrap

This was my first time ever purchasing beeswax wraps, and I’m sold! I use them multiple times a week! They are easily washable, and store away. It’s so nice to be able to use them over and over. I’ve been trying to slowly switch to more eco friendly products, and create less waste. I have told so many people about these wraps, and I will purchase again from this shop.

Vivian Black (San Diego, California)
Love the Beekind wraps

This is the first time I've purchased beeswax infused fabric wraps. They work better than I realized. I bought several boxes and gave some away as gifts, to the delight of my friends. Very happy with the product; will definitely buy again.

Natalie Peters


Amy Olson (Arlington Heights, Illinois)
Excellent product!

These are the best bees wax wraps I’ve ever used. They are thin, flexible and cling so well. I love them and wouldn’t buy any other brand.

Vegan Juniper
Alice Hawkins (Toronto, Ontario)

Vegan Juniper

Extra-Big Sea Glass
Mere (Cherry Hill, New Jersey)

I bought this and the 3 pack and I seriously use these every day!!! They stick really well to almost anything! I use this size to cover my pans when I put them in the fridge and it works great!!! Seriously cannot recommend enough

Extra-Big Stripes
Jessica Stokes
First Time Buyer

I love these wraps so much. Definitely exceeds expectations and keeps things fresh!

Extra-Big Stripes
Julia E (Palmyra, Pennsylvania)
i hate plastic wrap

this stuff is the bomb! i love being able to cover a whole 9x13 baking dish with ease, and the other smaller sizes are super convenient as well. i don't love the slight sticky residue on my hands from handling the product, but it's nothing a little soap and water can't fix. i love not having to buy or handle the clingy single use plastic wrap. go earth!

Sea Glass
Filomena Manzi (Burnaby, British Columbia)
Happy with the purchase!

Easy to use and my kids love it! They feel we are in a small way helping the environment so that is great! It’s easy to use and washes well. So far we love the product!

Extra-Big Juniper
Leanne L (Toronto, Ontario)
Love it

I love that it is big enough to make into a bag for lettuce and stuff, I find it stays fresh much longer 😍

Iwy Seiber (LaFollette, Tennessee)

we love it and use it so much

Vegan Sunflower
Jessica Garuccio (New Castle, Pennsylvania)

Love the wraps- definitely need to get more!

Extra-Big Atlantic
Katelyn Kilburn (Prince George, British Columbia)

Does it’s job. I find that two extra big wraps can wrap a tray of items very well, so I recommend using two for very big items. And also for normal sized items, I actually find myself going to the extra big wraps more than the normal wraps more.

abigail goldstein (Asheville, North Carolina)
Incredible product, website, marketing, and sweet owner

I discovered BeeKind on Tik Tok, the owner seemed sweet, hard working, and like she TRULY believed in her product. I mean, she risked spilling a glass of water on her computer just to show how adhesive these wraps are, wow! So I did some research and found that others shared the same opinion! How informative and interactive her page was influenced me the most. I wanted to show my support and ever since my purchase, I’ve been obsessed with the joyful, sticky, eco friendly wraps ever since! I don’t usually write reviews or rate products but to whoever is reading this, please support BeeKind. I’ve raved abt this product to my siblings, best friends, and figured I’d share my thoughts online!

Leanne L (Toronto, Ontario)
Beeswax Wraps

I absolutely love them! They stick to themselves amazingly and keep food that I put in them so much fresher for longer! Very impressed! Will buy again!

sarah mastey (San José, Provincia de San Jose)
Love it!!!

The wraps actually works very well! You have to crunch it up a few times to get it going but after that you can use it on just about anything! Will def buy more!

Lily Esformes (New York, New York)

Keeps my food fresh, sticks super well and always holds up!

Amy Olson (Arlington Heights, Illinois)
Love these wraps!

These are by far the best wraps on the market. I don’t know what their secret is but, these wraps are cling better and last longer. They are thinner and more flexible too. Just placed my second order.