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Firestarter Bundle

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 Our half-pound firestarter bundle has become one of the most sought-after byproducts of our manufacturing process!  The waxy fabric strips cut from the end of our rolls turned out to have a very effective use: starting fires. 

These natural, waterproof, and slow-burning strips completely take away the need for paper and kindling. The result? Impromptu campfires made INCREDIBLY EASY. 

Skeptical? A customer was able to create a raging bonfire on a rainy October beach in Tofino, using just five firestarter strips, a lighter, and scavenged wet wood from the beach. Now that's just downright impressive.

Up until now, we gave away BOXES of the stuff to friends and family who were eager to have it on hand for their woodstoves. And now, upon many requests, we are making it available on our website.

The cost of the bundle covers the increased shipping (and handling costs) and the price of the cotton fabric bag. Enjoy!

*Looking to pick up large free boxes of firestarters from our warehouse in Vancouver? Contact us to arrange a pickup!



Customer Reviews

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Customer (Berkley, Michigan)

We were given a bundle of these as a gift and they work remarkably well. No paper, no lighter fluid, just light one at the bottom and the fire takes care of everything else.

Louise Welsh (Abbotsford, British Columbia)
No more newspapers

This is product is helpful to have in your camping wood pile. You no longer need to worry if newspaper starter got wet.

Wendy Young (Onset, Massachusetts)
These worked amazingly well

I've never used waxed cotton as a firestarter before. But when I went camping last week, I brought these along, and as long as you put more than just a few strands on, the fire starts up really easily! We had three campfires, and I still have at least half of these firestarters left for the next camping trip. I am so happy that beekind thought of a use for the ends of the waxed cloth rather than throwing it out!